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We are a global network of freelancers with a roster of creative & technical audio experts who have been involved in major feature films, high end TV and commercials.

Our years of professional experience and technical know-how means we can provide a bespoke service tailored specifically to your project requirements & budget.



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We are a group of creative professionals who understand the business and the processes involved in delivering high quality audio.

We provide a full range of sound services for film and TV and supply temporary and permanent staff for various sound roles.

Partnered up with a global network of facilities and freelancers we can accommodate you in professional studios and mix stage as well as provide remote work solutions.

Who we work with


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Sound Supervisors


The Nevers ADR Recording
Queens of Mystery S2 Dialogue & ADR Editing
The Great S2 ADR Recording
Time Sound Design
Algiers Confidential Sound Effects
The Irregulars ADR Recording
Three Men Four Wheels Dubbing Mix
His Dark Materials S2 ADR Recording
12 Minutes Voice Recording
Des Sound Design
The Singapore Grip Dialogue Editing
Top Gun: Maverick ADR Recording
Wildfire Sound Design
Celts Sound Design & Mix
Dolittle ADR Recording
Andy Murray: Resurfacing Sound Editing
Trigonometry Dialogue Editing
The King Crowd Recording and Editing
Spider-Man Far from Home ADR Recording
It: Chapter Two ADR Recording
Rare Beasts ADR Recording
Temple Foley Editing
Shazam! ADR Recording
The Load Sound Design
Origin ADR Recording
Queens of Mystery Dialogue Editing
Gent West S2 Sound Effects
Grisse Dialogues & Sound Design
Pistorius Full Sound Post
You Have The Night Production & Post Sound
Smallfoot Mobile ADR
Noddy Toyland Detective S2 Voice Recording/Editing
H├╝rkus Foley Editing
The Glory Is Gone Full Sound Post & Dubbing (Int Version)
Terminal Sound design/Supervising
Hard Sun ADR Recording
Guidance through the Black Hole Sound Design & Mix
My Country Sound Effects
Rellik ADR Recording
Europe at Sea Sound post-production
The Village in the Woods Sound post-production
Riviera ADR Recording
Alien Covenant Mobile ADR
Pop Eye Sound Editing/Mixing
Marcella Dialogue Editing
London Fields Dialogue Editing
Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands Mobile ADR
Dau Dialogue Editing
The Dionti Family Sound Design/Mix
Poppy Dialogue Editing
Containment Sound Supervising/Editing

Our Clients



Jake Whitlee AMPS

Production Sound

London, UK


Jakov Munizaba

Production Sound / Sound Designer

Belgrade, Serbia


Paul Condron

Audio Producer

Dublin, Ireland


Nikola Medic

Sound Designer,
Re-Recording Mixer

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Milos Stojanovic AMPS

Managing Director

London, UK

Our Presence

We have 4 physical locations and a worldwide network of collaborators.


To find out more about the way we work and how we can help bring your projects to life fill this form or call us on +44 (0)7594 232 073

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If you are interested in joining us, send us an email with your CV and list of credits and we will be in touch.